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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Religious Wars of the Middle East In America Thanks to Zionist Infiltration of our Nation

By Elaine Nichols

The ignorance in the comments section of the below article is astounding. While I share the concerns of Muslims in this nation, I am torn about this event, because in America, we should all be Americans first and not blacks, whites, muslims, jews, christians, democrats, republicans, etc... because it is this divide that allows the people of this nation to be manipulated, especially where religion is concerned as religious wars and racism have been proven over thousands of years to be the cause of unrest among nations and their people.

One must understand that this nation is being controlled by a very stealthy group of Zionist international banking despots who follow Leo Strauss and his neo fascist philosophy of deception and division that uses religion, party politics, race, etc., as a vehicle to create fear or a boogeyman such as Islamic terrorism/Islamic fascism/etc. This along with the use of the Hegelian Dialectic, the people of this nation are kept in fear,  running in circles attacking eachother always in defense of their own ideologies instead of attacking the true "bad guys" who are making the laws within our own government that is destroying our Republic and the sovereignty that it once provided us.

Their old boogeyman was the cold war, so when the cold war was over, they needed to create another boogyman, and in order to do so, they engineered a "New Pearl Harbor" false flag attack on 9/11/2001, and then created a "commission' to cover it up, just as they did with the death of JFK.

They knew that this kind of attack and the fear it created was the ONLY way that Americans would approve of a military attack where ever this so called boogeyman happened to be hiding..he must be found and killed. The never ending war on terror was born, which has now morphed into imprisoning our own citizens who are accused of being "domestic" terrorists, especially dissenters and journalists who tell the truth.

It's time that we all wake up and see this so called "war on terror" for what is really is...A WAR ON LIBERTY!!

We should be AMERICANS, one and all, coming to the defense of our nation and our Constitution that provides us with the right to be free!! Free to speak out against injustice, free to practice ones chosen religion without persecution, free to own, farm and defend your private property, free to use real commodity backed money instead of enslaved with a private banks fiat currency backed by debt, free to not be taxed on your labor, etc.

Instead, the infighting in this nation is tearing us apart, and distracting us from the real threat. So, if the people of this nation want to truly defend something...let it be our right to be free... as a nation of AMERICANS! Educate yourselves on who the true enemy is and redirect your energy to the cause of liberty and all it provides.

If you want to understand what I've explained watch:

The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear.

A BBC documentary film series, written and produced by Adam Curtis. and

Google Spider Goats:

You can


House leader e-mails alert about Muslim event to Jewish lobbyists

By Breanne Gilpatrick, Times/Herald Tallahassee Bureau
In Print: Thursday, February 26, 2009

TALLAHASSEE — The leader of state House Republicans is sounding the alarm about a group of activists who want to host Florida Muslim Capitol Day.

"By now, I can't imagine you haven't heard about this upcoming lobbying day for Muslims in Tallahassee," Rep. Adam Hasner of Delray Beach wrote in an e-mail forwarded to more than a dozen Tallahassee lobbyists who are Jewish.

"Do you all intend to be part of an information campaign in opposition to it?" he asked in the e-mail.

Hasner, the House majority leader, would not say to whom he had sent the e-mail originally and speculated that the Muslim group United Voices for America will try to "push back" against a resolution he proposed during the January special session calling for solidarity with Israel.

Not so, said the group's founder, Tampa resident Ahmed Bedier. He said the group, like many others during the legislative session that starts Tuesday, plans to talk to state lawmakers about education, health care and the economy during the March 10 visit.

In a follow up e-mail to the Herald/Times, Hasner, who is Jewish, suggested Bedier was tied to the terrorist group Hamas because he once led the Tampa office of the Council of American-Islamic Relations. Bedier called the criticism ridiculous and nonsense, saying that CAIR advocates for equal rights for Muslims.

"This has nothing to do with me," Bedier said. "This is about Floridians who happen to be Muslim coming up to engage their politicians."

In his e-mail, Hasner pushed for a meeting of a "Jewish caucus," which doesn't yet exist, to determine a response to the Muslim lobbying effort.

Other Jewish lawmakers said they hadn't heard of Florida Muslim Capitol Day; some said they're not sure it's a problem.

"I certainly don't see why you'd need to have a meeting of the Jewish caucus just because Muslims are coming to Tallahassee," said Rep. Jim Waldman, D-Coconut Creek.

"They have as much right to represent themselves as anyone else."

Breanne Gilpatrick can be reached at

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