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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The HPV vaccine: Ashley Ryburn tells her story

Poor Ashley is but one of many, many young girls badly affected by this horrendous concoction, which consists of three injections,each containing live attenuated ( meaning "weakened" by chemicals/toxic metals) virus and 225 mcg of aluminum. That makes a total of 675 mcg of aluminum per victim... and I use the word advisedly.

Aluminum is toxic to the human body. It tangles nerve fibers and causes, among other things, neurological disorders and early onset Alzheimer's. Yet it is an ingredient in almost ALL vaccinations. This stuff is dangerous, dangerous, dangerous... why not just eat an eavestrough instead? You'd get the same result!

In Ashley's case, I would highly recommend she see an orthomolecular specialist who could assess her condition based on what elements in her body are needing either removal or balancing. CHELATION therapy, which uses binding agents to remove toxic metals, is probably her best bet for optimal recovery.

I hope that she and her family investigate this option, because this condition will not, and cannot improve, while that aluminum is in her system, and it isn't going anywhere on its own. The treatment she is receiving is symptom-specific, and is not curing anything, but rather condemning her to living this reduced lifestyle.

It may not be the norm for people to think of natural ways to deal with illness, whether contrived or happenstance. But if I were faced with a choice of living like this or doing research to find another way, guess which one I'd pick?

God bless you for going public, Ashley... millions could suffer from a similar fate, were it not for brave young girls like you who are willing to tell the truth.

As for Merck, one wonders if they trotted all their daughters off to get their Gardasil... I'd be betting they didn't! ~ HealthFreedomNow

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