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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Exclusive Tour of Gaza-Bound U.S. Ship, Audacity of Hope; Saboteurs Damage Other Ships in Flotilla

Organizers of the humanitarian flotilla to the Gaza Strip say another one of their ships has been sabotaged. The engine of an Irish ship docked in Turkey was reportedly so badly damaged it would have sunk in the middle of the ocean, threatening the lives of the passengers on board. It’s at least the second flotilla vessel to be targeted this week following damage to a Greek-Swedish ship docked in a port near Athens. Activists have accused Israel of orchestrating the sabotage, but say they have no direct proof. The Israeli government is trying to stop the ships from leaving port and has vowed to intercept them should they set sail. An Israeli official quoted in the Jerusalem Post said, the more "[they] have to run in place in Athens, the better it is for Israel." One of the ships in the 10-vessel flotilla is the U.S.-based "The Audacity of Hope," named after President Obama’s best-selling book. At least three dozen U.S. citizens are on board, carrying letters from Americans to the people of Gaza. Democracy Now! producer Aaron Maté and videographer Hany Massoud are in Greece to cover The Audacity of Hope’s journey. On Wednesday, Yonatan Shapira — a former Israeli Air Force pilot turned peace activist who is now a crew member on the U.S. boat — gave Democracy Now! a rare look inside the ship and talked about the threat of sabotage. “I see it as an obligation of me as an Israeli and a Jew to help steer the wheel of this boat into Gaza in order to challenge these war criminals, and to send this message to the Palestinian people, to the Palestinian children in Gaza and the rest of the world, that they are not alone and we support them, and one day, they will be free,” Shapira said.

Exclusive Tour of Gaza-Bound U.S. Ship, Audacity of Hope; Saboteurs Damage Other Ships in Flotilla

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The New Era of "All Natural" False Flag Disasters

First there was Katrina, and then The Deepwater Horizon... now a whole string of 'natural' disasters that were not so natural. All it took was a Fukushima to start the ball rolling, giving the impression "natural events" are triggering these nuclear disasters. Suddenly, we have a flood threatening two reactors in the midwest, and a massive fire threatening a seemingly stacked nuclear dump in Los Alamos.

Before It's News

And now Fort Peck Dam's safety called into question and reports that Montana will flood again?... Possibility of failure at the Fort Peck Dam could lead to a domino-like collapse of all 5 downstream dams in the Missouri River Mainstem Reservoir System. "It probably would wreck every bridge, highway, pipeline and power line, and split the heartland of the nation, leaving a gap 1,500-miles wide,"... ‎"Countless sewage treatment plants, toxic waste sites and even Superfund sites would be flushed downstream. The death toll and blow to our economy would be ghastly."... Shanks based his doomsday scenario on the fact that Fort Peck Dam is North America's largest hydraulic-fill earthen dam. Such dams are prone to "liquefaction," meaning they can become water-logged and disintegrate if exposed to extreme pressure or seismic activity. For that reason, California replaced most of that state's hydraulic-fill dams. Daggett said such fears are unwarranted at Fort Peck. "I'm amazed that a person who is supposedly an expert on the subject would write such an article," (I AM TOO...HMMMM) Daggett said.(John Daggett, dam operations manager for the Army Corp of Engineers) "We're not in earthquake zones like dams in California." Daggett said the nearest seismically active area is near Yellowstone National Park, about 300 miles away. He added that recent earthquake activity in Yellowstone Park didn't even register at the Fort Peck Dam.

The Great Gulf Coast Holocaust, Part 1

“The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business.” -Clarence S. Darrow

It’s been labeled the worst environmental disaster in world history, and rightfully so, because the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is like the nightmarish gift that keeps on giving.

On April 20, 2010, the Macondo well blew out resulting in the loss of 11 lives, sank the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig and spilled an estimated five million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. BP’s swath of destruction has included the decimation of the welfare, livelihoods, health and futures of tens of millions of Gulf Coast residents, not to mention the destruction of the fragile ecology in the Gulf of Mexico.

This is first of a multi-part series which answer questions in five specific areas related to the oil spill with regard to the actions of BP, its corporate Gulf Coast partners and the federal government before, during and after the catastrophe. These areas of inquiry include the following:

1. Has BP made full restitution to the oil spill victims?

2. Has BP’s actions, as a result of the attempted clean up following the oil spill, resulted in serious health concerns for untold numbers of Gulf Coast residents and is United States government and the main stream media complicit in covering up the scope and the magnitude of these health effects?

3. Has BP, as it claims, cleaned up their environmental mess, or, are there very serious implications to the environment which have largely been left unaddressed by both BP and various agencies of the United States government which will have longstanding and very serious implications to the Gulf Coast?

4. Did BP and its Gulf Coast corporate partners have, at minimum, foreknowledge of the impending disaster and subsequently acted in concert with one another in order to dramatically increase their financial bottom line which enabled them to profit at the expense of health, wealth and welfare of the region’s population?

5. Did BP, Halliburton, Transocean, Boots & Coots as well as various agencies of the United States government (i.e., The Army Corps of Engineers) conspire to eventually depopulate the Gulf in order to create a monolithic oil refinery free enterprise zone which would require the eradication of the shrimp industry and the eventual relocation of Gulf Coast residents living along the shoreline?“

Read the complete article here...

Israel passes draft law requiring Palestinians to pay for their own home demolitions (More Fucked up Israeli Terrorism)


A Committee of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) passed a first draft of a law that will require that Palestinians whose homes are destroyed by Israeli forces pay the Israeli government for the demolition costs.

The law will now be passed to the full Knesset for a final reading, where it is expected to pass due to the current makeup of the Knesset.

Since 1967, Israeli forces have demolished 24,813 Palestinian homes. 90% of these homes were destroyed for 'administrative' reasons – because they either lacked a permit or were in an area designated for expansion by the Israeli military. No permits have been issued by Israeli authorities for Palestinian construction in the Occupied Territories since 1967. The remaining 10% of the demolitions have been 'punitive' demolitions of the homes of Palestinians accused of attacking Israel, or of their families' homes.

In the first five months of 2011, Israeli forces demolished more Palestinian homes than in the entire year of 2010, rendering homeless 706 Palestinians, including 341 minors. This is according to the most recent numbers released by the Israeli Civil Administration.

If the law passes the full Knesset, any Palestinian whose home is destroyed by the Israeli military will have to pay thousands of dollars to cover the cost of the demolition. Already, many Palestinian homeowners, mainly in Jerusalem, have been forced to pay for the forced demolition of their homes.

Israeli forces use US-made armored D9 bulldozers, manufactured by the Caterpillar Corporation, to carry out the demolition of Palestinian homes. This has led US and international activists to call for a boycott of the Caterpillar corporation, saying that the use of the bulldozers to demolish Palestinian homes is a violation of international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Israel passes draft law requiring Palestinians to pay for their own home demolitions (WTF???) - International Middle East Media Center

Bankers raping and pillaging Libya. Goldman Sachs and Colonel Gaddafi.

How bankers are involved in raping and pillaging of Libya. They are doing it to other countries also. Goldman Sachs invested money from Libya's sovereign wealth fund and lost almost all.


Project Flood for Agenda 21: Army floods, Army buys flooded land

"The real enemy is a system that wages war when it's profitable, the CEOs who lay us off our jobs when it's profitable, the Insurance Companies who deny us Health care when it's profitable, the banks who take away our homes when it's profitable. Our enemies are not several hundred thousands away. They are right here in front of us." ~ Mike Prysner, Iraq Veteran Against War, 2009

Project Flood 2011 death, destruction, and your backyard.

ABC News reports that people are reacting to the Army Corps of Engineers decision to release even more water into the raging river Sunday. Some people in the flooded breadbasket farmlands are also reacting to the federal government mailing letters to them, notifying that the Army Corps of Engineers will buy their all but now ruined land, in what some rights defenders say has hallmarks of Agenda 21's Wildlands Project that abolishes private property.

Home owners are astonished that the Army Corps of Engineers opened the dams, even exploded some levees, that caused strong, heavy flooding, including at two nuclear power plants and now want to buy the land. A similar scenario happened in south Louisiana that eventuated in a long-term legal battle according to WDSU TV News. (Watch: "17th Street Canal Coalition.wmv" Youtube)

Farmers threatened with flooding had written to the Examiner weeks ago, before flooded out of their properties, saying "this is the big question nobody is asking, 'Why has the ACoE had not already started gradually opening the northern dams, in a slow fashion to prevent flooding us?" Now, some of these farmers say they have their answer.

Read the complete article at

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Max Keiser : Capital punishment for the crimes against the Capital

The Greek people are being disenfranchised by the paper terrorists and their savings and wages are being destroyed and they're being subjected to austerity measures from the paper terrorists now they are fighting back. The Greek police are beating up the Greek citizens on behalf of the international banksters.

The disease that we saw in Central and South America of the IMF and other banksters using paper terrorist weapons to bankrupt societies has gone into western Europe , but the western Europeans especially in France have a history of decapitating paper terrorists, this is why GOD invented the guillotine to take care of this problem when it rears its ugly head. This is ultimately the end game for the paper pushers, and there is a cemetery not far from here with many bankers who were buried, but not with their heads... It's a global insurrection against banking occupation!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Property Rights -vs- Progressive Statism

‎"A person's right to their life is fundamental...the right of every individual to retain control and use of their property as they see rights stand in direct opposition to the premise held by statists that the State has the ultimate right to arbitrarily confiscate an individual's property and redistribute its worth.."

Property Rights -vs- Progressive Statism

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dark Side of the Moon (Full Movie) pt 1

This is the best film that reveals NASA working closely with Hollywood at the time of the Moon landings. First hand testimony backing these claims come from Donald Rumsfeld and Dr. Henry Kissinger seems to lend credence to the story. This Documentary explains why the need to fake the Landing on the Moon and who were the actual men in the suits. It show the White House set up the fake Landing because they feared the video would not be seen on the ground. The CIA supplies two men to fill the role of the "spacewalk" on the Moon. One cannot dispute the facts that the white house was involved, and that the videos of Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfeld are original. Watch and be amazed at house they sold a lie to America and the world to gain the appearance of superior technology. A short 40 min's of facts via video and first hand information from the secretary of the President's conversations in the Oval Office.

Part 2 here:

Also read here:

IMF (International Mafia Federation: Loansharks of last resort) at a glance-On the Edge with Max Keiser

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Symbolism in Logos: What You Don't Understand Can Be Used Against You

This episode was filmed in Bath and Bristol, England featuring special guests such as Michael Tsarion, Neil Hague, Ralph Ellis, Leo Rutherford, Neil Kramer, Dan Tatman and Peter Taylor. We also interview a priest, university students, teachers and of course a couple random pub interviews. We begin the show discussing the symbolism of two major corporations, Starbucks and Apple. What is really being said in logos?

Israeli document: Gaza blockade is about economic warfare, not security (No Shit!)

Media propaganda claims that Hamas "seized power" in Gaza, and the reason for the starvation imposed on the Gazan people .Let us not forget that it was Israel/Mossad, which in fact created Hamas. According to Zeev Sternell, historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, "Israel thought that it was a smart ploy to push the Islamists against the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO)".

Israeli document: Gaza blockade isn't about security | McClatchy

Wild Food and Medicine Found In Your Backyard

The answer is right under our noses. How much information can you handle in 3 minutes about health, wild and local medicinal plants? Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a serious brain fill. This is all about natural healing from weeds and wild edible plants in your area. If I or my parents knew all this when I was young, things would be a lot different!

Friday, June 24, 2011

1933 The Transfer Agreement: Zionists sign a deal with Hitler For Palestine

Some uninformed defenders of the Holocaust tale declare that if the Jews hadn't been forced or taken against their will from their homes and lifestyles, none of this would have never happened even if it were just the unfortunate death of hundreds of thousands by starvation and typhus. Very few understand that there were TWO entities that wanted the German, later European Jews, to emigrate out of Germany and Europe...the German Nazis and the Zionists. The World Zionist Organization and the American Jewish Council were adamant that Jews emigrate nowhere else than Palestine. The Germans had tried to arrange emigration to Madagascar and Uganda but those possibilities were closed by Jewish organizations. What remained is a working relationship with the Zionist organizations Irgun and Haganah to facilitate emigration to Palestine. The British made this difficult.

Edwin Black, of Jewish heritage, an erudite scholar wrote The Transfer Agreement: The Untold Story of the Secret Pact between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine, published in 1984. Dr. Sybil Milton of the Simon Wiesenthal Center calls it, a spellbinding, exciting book. This subject has not been previously explored. It adds a significant new dimension to our understanding of this critical era."

Yoav Gelber of the Yad Vashem Israel Holocaust Museum states, Edwin Black's research is striking in its dimension and scope. The vast uncovering of source material and its extensive use are almost overwhelming. He penetrates deep into the political and economic processes of inter-Jewish relations and into gentile attitudes involving the rescue of Jews from Nazi rule for the benefit of the Zionist enterprise of Eretz Yisrael.

Black focuses primarily on the effects of the Zionist elements among world Jewry which had declared war on Germany by means of a boycott on all German goods.

Although propagandists attempt to dismiss this amazing event as just a newspaper headline, it lead to high level negotiations between the German government and Zionists. Since Jews controlled much of the world's shipping, they could effectively block German commerce. The terms of the Transfer Agreement were that the boycott would end in return to the transfer of German Jews to the Palestine.

The German Chancellor, Heinrich Bruning, had responded to the boycott by establishing currency restrictions that prevented ANYONE, German or foreigner, Christian or Jew, from transferring their wealth out of the country without permission. The restriction was NOT aimed at Jews OR Christians, but at speculators and hoarders.

At the same time, the British, who controlled the Palestine under a League of Nations mandate following WW I, limited Jewish entry into Palestine only to those in possession of at least a thousand pounds (equal to about $5000 today).

The Transfer Agreement began to degenerate into a personal feud along tactical lines. The Mapai or Labor Zionists wanted a communal, collective for a Jewish elite who would do manual work and farming. The Revisionist Zionists wanted a mixed urban-rural society based on free enterprise instead of socialism. Mapai used political intrigue and long-term manipulation whereas Revisionists were very fascist and impatient. Chaim Arlosoroff headed the Mapai and Sam Cohen, the Revisionists. Cohen saw personal advantages to the power he was concentrating in his own hands as a Jewish hero. Arlosoroff was murdered.

Black's analysis was that the economic relationship with Germany was indispensable in the creation of the State of Israel. Without Germany and the Nazis, there would have been no "aliyah," the Return to Jerusalem. and

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ron Paul's Opening Statement: Monetary Policy Subcommittee - Gold & Fort Knox

Dr. Ron Paul makes his opening statement at the Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology Subcommittee hearing. The focus of the hearing is on recent audits of U.S. gold reserves; challenges to conducting a full audit; and impediments to an accurate assessment of the US gold position, including any leases, swaps or other encumbrances placed upon the gold reserves; and also examine changes to the legislative proposal that will ensure a full and accurate audit, assay, and inventory of U.S. gold reserves.

Florida sold citizens’ driver’s license information for $62 million | The Raw Story

The State of Florida made $62,968,946 from the sale of Floridians driver's license information in the last fiscal year, a practice that has been occurring almost unknown for years.

I-Team investigator Michael George reported that the state's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles sells drivers' license information, including Floridians full name, date of birth, address, and driver’s license number, to ten different companies.

The companies are Acxiom Information Securities Service, Inc., Choice Point, E-Funds, Explore Information Services, LexisNexis, Line Barge, Goggan, Blair & Sampson Inc., SC Services, ShadowSoft, TLO LLC, and West Services Inc.

The department said it only sells the information to companies that intend to use it for legal purposes, and not for marketing or advertising.

American Civil Liberties Union attorney Shelbi Day told George that the sale of Florida citizens' personal information was a violation of privacy rights. “I would assume that most Floridians have no idea that this is even occurring, and I think that most would be deeply disturbed,” Day added.

A group of Florida residents tried to shut down the state's deal with the companies, but a judge ruled that the sale of citizens' driver's license information was legal and the group has no plans to appeal the decision.

Florida sold citizens’ driver’s license information for $62 million | The Raw Story

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Excellent Ron Paul Interview on Happening Now - June 22nd, 2011.

‎"We have to change the attitude of the people and what they believe that the government should be doing..."

Arms Dealer, Terrorist Used to “Sell” Iran Nuke Fairytale For Israel

A shadowy figure, calling himself “Beecham” has contacted intelligence agencies in the west, claiming proof of Iran’s payment into a Swiss bank of 8.5 tons of gold. His claim, that this is payment for 3 missing American thermonuclear weapons is an old story, a fairly tale from the past, re-concocted to support an attack on Iran. “Beecham” is not who he says he is.

We know his real name, a terrorist and arms dealer allowed to roam free because of his powerful friends. Today he is claiming he sold nukes to Iran. In 2003 he said he sold nukes to Saddam, another carefully scripted lie.

He really works for himself but his business partners are Tel Aviv and Saudi Arabia. This is why he is free despite enough evidence to jail him for many lifetimes.

Today, he is buying his way back into “good graces” by fueling the Iranian nuclear controversy, seeding blatant falsehood and wild conjecture to the security agencies. Soon, these lies will end up in the media, pushing a sick agenda, much as Wikileaks had done last year, in a last ditch attempt to draw America into a disastrous war with Iran before drawdowns in Afghanistan and disengagement from Iraq and the conflict in Libya make the likelihood of more American involvement in the region impossible.

After all, Iran was the target in the first place, planned well before 9/11 and, quite likely, the real intended target of the false flag 9/11 attacks. Sources confirming these hypotheses are multiplying like rabbits.

New Iranian Nuke “Fairytale” Uncovered: Arms Dealer, Terrorist Used to “Sell” Iran Nuke Fairytale

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks

Iceland is free. And it will remain so, so long as her people wish to remain autonomous of the foreign domination of her would-be masters — in this case, international bankers.

On April 9, the fiercely independent people of island-nation defeated a referendum that would have bailed out the UK and the Netherlands who had covered the deposits of British and Dutch investors who had lost funds in Icesave bank in 2008.

At the time of the bank’s failure, Iceland refused to cover the losses. But the UK and Netherlands nonetheless have demanded that Iceland repay them for the “loan” as a condition for admission into the European Union.

In response, the Icelandic people have told Europe to go pound sand. The final vote was 103,207 to 69,462, or 58.9 percent to 39.7 percent. “Taxpayers should not be responsible for paying the debts of a private institution,” said Sigriur Andersen, a spokeswoman for the Advice group that opposed the bailout.

A similar referendum in 2009 on the issue, although with harsher terms, found 93.2 percent of the Icelandic electorate rejecting a proposal to guarantee the deposits of foreign investors who had funds in the Icelandic bank. The referendum was invoked when President Olafur Ragnur Grimmson vetoed legislation the Althingi, Iceland’s parliament, had passed to pay back the British and Dutch.

Under the terms of the agreement, Iceland would have had to pay £2.35 billion to the UK, and €1.32 billion to the Netherlands by 2046 at a 3 percent interest rate. Its rejection for the second time by Iceland is a testament to its people, who feel they should bear no responsibility for the losses of foreigners endured in the financial crisis.

That opposition to bailouts led to Iceland’s decision to allow the bank to fail in 2008. Not that the taxpayers there could have afforded to. As noted by Bloomberg News, at the time the crisis hit in 2008, “the banks had debts equal to 10 times Iceland’s $12 billion GDP.”

“These were private banks and we didn’t pump money into them in order to keep them going; the state did not shoulder the responsibility of the failed private banks,” Iceland President Olafur Grimsson told Bloomberg Television.

The voters’ rejection came despite threats to isolate Iceland from funding in international financial institutions. Iceland’s national debt has already been downgraded by credit rating agencies, and now those same agencies have promised to do so once again as punishment for defying the will of international bankers.

Read complete article...Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks

Geithner: We Need ‘Revenue Increases;' Cutting Deficit by Spending Cuts Alone 'Irresponsible'

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Tuesday that a deal to raise the legal debt limit, which he expects to be completed in the next few weeks, will be only a short-term “down payment” on solving the nation’s debt problem, and that it would be "irresponsible" to reduce the massive federal deficit anticipated over the next ten years with spending cuts alone. What is needed, he said, is a longer-term deal on a “balanced framework” that includes “revenue increases through tax reform.”

Geithner: We Need ‘Revenue Increases' Cutting Deficit by Spending Cuts Alone 'Irresponsible'|

Truckers Report Moving Military Equipment Across U.S, FEMA Involved! Alert To All Truckers!

UPDATE:The Power Hour: Archives From Today's Show(3rd Hour) This portion of the show can be heard a little more then half way through the file.

No one knows 100% if any event is about to take place what we do know is military movements have been confirmed throughout the United States. It is possible that this is another fear op by the global elite but it is also possible that this is the real thing.

2 truckers report hauling lots of military equipment across U.S. with FEMA involved and being told to prepare for a major catastrophic event. Broadcast on The Power Hour Show with Joyce Riley on 6/20/11, hour 3.

Reupload From

The Power Hour

Sky-Lift (FEMA Style) Guard Towers At Wal-Mart Locations and X-Ray Vans

Military Equipment Positioning, No Fly Zones, And Troop Movements(Pics)

More Troop Movements In CONUS

Monday, June 20, 2011

Court Rules US Taxpayers, Not BP Or Transocean, Liable For Gulf Oil Disaster Clean Up Costs

NEW ORLEANS (CN) - Ruling in favor of Transocean and BP, a federal judge on Thursday dismissed third-party environmental claims in a giant pleading bundle in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill litigation, saying the fact that the oil flow has stopped makes those lawsuits irrelevant.

"The injunction at this stage would be useless, as not only is there no ongoing release from the well, but there is also no viable offshore facility from which any release could possibly occur," U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier wrote. "The Macondo well is dead, and what remains of the Deepwater Horizon vessel is on the ocean floor, where it capsized and sank in 5,000 feet of water.

"Moreover, BP and the agencies comprising the Unified Area Command have been and are cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico. An injury is not redressable by a citizen suit when the injury is already being addressed."

Judge Barbier is overseeing the massive, consolidated oil spill litigation, which has been divided into "bundles," based upon the nature of the claims.

In instances where claims in the D1 bundle pertain to how the oil is being cleaned up, Barbier ruled that even if he allowed those claims to go forward, the claimants are not directly involved in the cleanup, so a ruling in their favor would not affect how the cleanup is progressing.

"The D1 defendants do not unilaterally direct the cleanup activities in the Gulf; such activities have been under the control of the National Incident Commander, Federal on-Scene Coordinator, Unified Area Command, and the Coast Guard in cooperation with other federal agencies. Thus, plaintiffs cannot show that an order from this court would actually resolve any potential deficiency in the ongoing cleanup," Barbier wrote.

"In order to prevail on their claims for injunctive relief, plaintiffs must demonstrate an ongoing violation of various statutes on which plaintiffs' claims for relief is based. Because the Macondo well is dead and is no longer discharging oil, plaintiffs' only claims are confined to seeking environmental citizen suit injunctive relief of a prospective nature to stop noncompliance in the form of a continued release of oil. Thus, the citizen suit claims brought by the plaintiffs are moot, because no future-orientated injunction can provide any meaningful relief for plaintiffs in terms of stopping discharges that already concluded in mid-July 2010."

Transocean's Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, operated by BP, exploded and burned 50 miles off the Louisiana coast on April 20, 2010, killing 11 and setting off the worst oil spill in history. Millions of gallons of oil were spilled in the next 87 days.

More than 100,000 people have filed lawsuits seeking damages from the spill.

The lawsuits dismissed on Thursday belonged to the D1 pleading bundle.

D1 bundle claims were filed by third-party organizations that alleged environmental damages under the Clean Water Act; the Endangered Species Act; the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act; and the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act.

This was the first ruling arising from issues addressed during a May 26 hearing on the defendants' motions to dismiss particular bundles.

Claims with varying types of damages were included in more than one bundle, depending on type of claim.

In dismissing the D1 claims, Barbier said the claims could still be heard if they seek damages for violations other than environmental claims.

"To the extent that plaintiffs assert claims under general maritime law and/or state law, the court will consider those claims separately when it addresses the pending motions to dismiss the B1 bundle master complaint," Barbier wrote.

During the May 26 hearing, Barbier indicated that he might find the claims asserted in the D1 bundle were moot.

"The fundamental argument is that this is all moot because the well is sealed," Barbier said.

During the hearing, Ervin Gonzales, of the plaintiff steering committee, said the cleanup has not been adequate and "the environment is suffering."

Greg Buppert, an attorney for Defenders of Wildlife, told Barbier at the hearing that "the Endangered Species Act is not linked to the well spill; it is linked to the take of species."

In response, Barbier cited the federal government's investigation of the spill. Federal attorneys have said that criminal charges will be filed if the investigation turns up evidence of willful negligence by the defendants.

Because of the continuing investigation, the government has tried to keep certain issues undercover. For instance, autopsy results of the hundreds of dead baby dolphins that have washed up along the Gulf Coast have been kept private, and independent scientists have not been allowed to conduct their own autopsies.

"Isn't that what the federal government is doing?" Barbier asked on May 26. "It sounds like you think they may not do it right."

Later that day, Barbier told Buppert: "It's speculative right now. You're surmising that somebody is going to do something that you don't like."

Attorneys did not immediately return calls for comment.

Court Rules US Taxpayers, Not BP Or Transocean, Liable For Gulf Oil Disaster Clean Up Costs

Michael Pritchard makes filthy water drinkable

Too much of the world lacks access to clean drinking water. Engineer Michael Pritchard did something about it -- inventing the portable Lifesaver filter, which can make the most revolting water drinkable in seconds.

Missing Links: Hidden Agenda of the Israeli Government

The Israeli MOSSAD did 9-11 and recently Israeli security in charge of Japanese nuclear plant prior to the devastating disaster that hit Japan. Japan knows something about Israel and their foreign affairs and how they end up on the Israeli hit list.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Midwest Floods: Both Nebraska Nuke Stations Threatened

Tens of millions of acres in the US corn belt have flooded, which will spike the cost of gas and food over the next several months. Worse, several nuclear power plants sit in the flooded plains. Both nuclear plants in Nebraska are partly submerged and the FAA has issued a no-fly order over both of them.

On June 7, the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant filed an Alert with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission after a fire broke out in the switchgear room. During the event, “spent fuel pool cooling was lost” when two fuel pumps failed for about 90 minutes.

On June 9, Nebraska’s other plant, Cooper Nuclear Power Station near Brownville, filed a Notice of Unusual Event (NOUE), advising it is unable to discharge sludge into the Missouri River due to flooding, and therefore “overtopped” its sludge pond.

The Fort Calhoun TFR (temporary flight restriction) was issued the day before the nuclear Alert. The FAA issued another TFR on June 7 for the Cooper plant.

Other flood-related TFRs were issued on June 13 for the Garrison Dam in Bismarck, North Dakota and on June 5 for rescue operations in Sioux City, SD.

Under the four-level nuclear event scale used in the US, an NOUE is the least hazardous. In an Alert, however, “events are in process or have occurred that involve an actual or potential substantial degradation in the level of safety of the plant,” according to the NRC.

Despite some media reports, Ft Calhoun is not at a stage 4 level of emergency, which under the US scale, would be “actual or imminent substantial core damage or melting of reactor fuel with the potential for loss of containment integrity.”

If that rumor refers to the seven-level International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale, a Level 4 incident requires at least one death, which has not occurred.

Continued flooding does threaten the plants, however. As nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen explains in the below video, cooling pumps must operate continuously, even years after a plant is shut down.

Read the complete report... Midwest Floods: Both Nebraska Nuke Stations Threatened

The Moral Hazard of Modern Banking: How Banks Create and Destroy Money

Everywhere banks are foreclosing on homes and even forcing austerity on entire nations as payment for the money they loaned, and the risks they assumed. But did they actually lend real money? Was the money they lent created through work or was it simply a slight of hand for which they now demand their pound of flesh? As the entire world financial system becomes undone people will begin to understand that money as a store of value and work and the money banks lend are two very different things for which the banks want you to think they are one and the same.

Activist Post: The Moral Hazard of Modern Banking: How Banks Create and Destroy Money...Read the complete article.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

SilverDoctors: FOREX Prohibits US Residents From Trading OTC Precious Metals


The cartel is getting desperate. This will be sure to instill confidence in the US dollar. Dodd and Frank might have been more successful at putting a dent into the gold and silver bull if they had outlawed the real thing, instead of their OTC paper version.

pSeveral customers are reporting receiving the following email regarding their precious metals positions:

We wanted to make you aware of some upcoming changes to’s product offering. As a result of the Dodd-Frank Act enacted by US Congress, a new regulation prohibiting US residents from trading over the counter precious metals, including gold and silver, will go into effect on Friday, July 15, 2011. In conjunction with this new regulation, must discontinue metals trading for US residents on Friday, July 15, 2011 at the close of trading at 5pm ET. As a result, all open metals positions must be closed by July 15, 2011 at 5pm ET.

SilverDoctors: FOREX Prohibits US Residents From Trading OTC Precious Metals

Ron Paul Wins RLC Straw Poll

“Listening to all the other speakers and candidates, you hear them saying the things that Dr. Paul has been saying for years, and they are saying it because they know that’s what Americans are looking for right now. “The American people want and deserve someone who will tell them the truth, tell them what needs to be done, and who has an untouchable record of consistency to back it up.”

Ron Paul Wins RLC Straw Poll

Friday, June 17, 2011

Libya and Western media manipulation - English

It is by now obvious that the monstrous illegal and murderous NATO attack against the people of Libya and their guide is failing and that this evil military organisation is getting increasingly desperate. The 150 terrorist strikes per day every day bear witness to this. The increasing lies and brainwashing propaganda by western media backs this up.

Libya and Western media manipulation - English

Midwest Floods: Both Nebraska Nuke Stations Threatened

Tens of millions of acres in the US corn belt have flooded, which will spike the cost of gas and food over the next several months. Worse, several nuclear power plants sit in the flooded plains. Both nuclear plants in Nebraska are partly submerged and the FAA has issued a no-fly order over both of them, which has been confirmed by the FAA and both Nuclear plant managers.

20 Orlando Police Steal food from Children, Arrest 6 MORE for feeding th...

Poverty is a crime of the rich and powerful and local Nazified police serve their mandates... how do these cops live with themselves???

More activists arrested in Orlando for Sharing food with the hungry. 2 young children are being served as close to 20 police officers swarm in and arrest the food servers. This brings to total number of arrest for this horrendous crime up to 21 within a 2 week period!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

UN Declares War on Property Rights - Most of the USA would be Off Limits...

Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center, is one of the top experts on the United Nations and threats to American sovereignty. In this interview, Mr. DeWeese alerts you to the UN assault on property rights via "sustainable development," biodiversity," and promoting "environmental armageddon."

At the very end of the show, Mr. DeWeese shows a map of detailing how most of the US would be declared off limits to all people; with some areas allowing 'limited' human use, and only tiny areas allowed normal use by Americans. Is this the future you want? Americans herded into ghettos enforced by foreign UN troops? Learn the facts and let's make sure Congress can prevent this totalitarian future.

ADL Report Targets 'Hat;e Groups In Florida

ADL Report Targets Hate Groups In Florida

Under the guise of 'hate', the Zionist Israeli front group the ADL is targeting pro-American liberty patriot groups such as Oath Keepers, Tax Protest movement, the Sovereign Citizen movement, and the Militia movement. This is how Israel/AIPAC controls those who dare to speak out and take a stand against their lies and usurpation of our government, Constitution, and nation!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is Gold in Fort Knox Real? Ron Paul Wants to Know - CNBC

Is Gold in Fort Knox Real? Ron Paul Wants to Know - CNBC

Are the gold bars in Fort Knox really made of the precious metal? Or has the U.S. government secretly sold off the nation's stockpile and replaced it with metal bars that are only painted gold?

Ron Paul wants to find out.

Giving legitimacy to an Internet conspiracy theory that the gold in Fort Knox is fake, the iconoclast Republican congressman from Texas has asked adminstration officials to audit the purity of the nation's 700,000 gold bars held in Fort Knox, according to an internal Treasury document obtained by CNBC. Paul, a presidential candidate who chairs the House's subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy, had previously called for the U.S. gold reserve to be counted and for a return to the gold standard. He now appears to be going a step further in his request that representatives from the U.S. Treasury Department and the U.S. Mint testify at a subcommittee hearing on June 23 about the authenticity of the nation's gold.

The Treasury document says it would cost about $15 million to conduct an audit. The process would take about 30 minutes to verify the gold content of each bar, or 350,000 man hours; to do that would would take 400 people working for six months, according to the document. The Mint is audited annually by the Treasury's Office of the Inspector General. An audit of the "Schedule of Custodial Deep Storage Gold and Silver Reserves" was published in September 2010.

Monday, June 13, 2011

G. Edward Griffin: The Dangerous Servant; A Discourse on Government

A Discourse on Government by G. Edward Griffin "Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. It is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." -- Attributed to George Washington This program consists of unedited responses to questions presented to G. Edward Griffin by a camera crew creating a documentary on the U.S. Constitution. In this session, he answers the most difficult questions imaginable in the fields of political and social science. The depth and clarity of his response is amazing, especially considering he is speaking extemporaneously without benefit of script or notes. In an era when many people are just now waking up to the WHAT of current events, here are issues for the brain that go far beyond that shallow pool into the deep water of WHY and HOW. Also included is a bonus feature entitled Winning for America, Mr. Griffin's commentary on the Ron Paul 2008 campaign and a long-term strategy for victory offered by Freedom Force International. With these programs together, be prepared for a most rewarding journey.

The 21st Century Hunter Gatherers

The 21st Century Hunter Gatherers

An army of middle-class men and women are ditching their wallets, mortgages and worries and opting to live the good life off-grid. Meet Mark Boyle, the 31-year-old business graduate now known as The Moneyless Man.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

NASA Emails ALL Employees Today to PREPARE! June 10, 2011

This email was fowarded to me from a friend. He said all NASA employees got this in their email today...

******** The Original Email ********


Point of Contact: Darrius Lewis, Mission Support Directorate, NASA Headquarters, 202-358-0608,

Family/Personal Preparedness Plan

NASA is the only federal agency responsible for its people's safety and well-being here on Earth and in space and has a longtime commitment to safety and emergency preparedness. Over the past year, Administrator Bolden has emphasized the importance of Family/Personal Preparedness for the entire NASA family. Family and personal preparedness plans are key to protecting our families and communities during potential emergencies such as fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, terrorist attacks and other unforeseen catastrophes.

The most important assets in the successful completion of NASA's mission are its people and their loved ones. The agency has developed a set of informational guides designed to prepare you, your families and pets for emergencies. These guides will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to develop your Family Preparedness Plan.

All employees are encouraged to download these guides, prepare plans, and review them with your families. The agency has taken the steps to prepare our NASA family; now it is your personal obligation to prepare yourself and/or your family for an emergency.

To view Administrator Bolden's video on family preparedness and to download your Family Preparedness guides, visit:

Friday, June 10, 2011

MTV's Aimee Allen, Ron Paul Anthem Music Video MUST SEE!!

THE B E S T RON PAUL ANTHEM FOR THE YOUNG PATRIOT!!Thank you to all the wonderful Ron Paul supporters that believe in revolution and do something about it! Including all the beautiful foot soldiers at the Santa Monica pier.


The world is currently rising to Revolution, lets not miss the train....We all need to play an active part. To take back our planet from the Ancient Brotherhood of Deception. Let's arise to caste away the Deception that has taken over this beautiful planet of ours. Let's bring down the secret group who murders, infiltrates confuses our world's religions and peoples. The Human Race is ONE.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Interview with Swiss banker reveals Bilderberg 2011 plans for internet censorship are coming

Interview with Swiss banker reveals Bilderberg 2011 plans for internet censorship are coming

In an interview with a prominent Swiss banker by WeAreChange on the 30th of May 2011, the deeply interconnected relations between high level management of Swiss banks and the Bilderberg club are exposed. It becomes clear that Bilderberg uses Swiss banks for money laundering activities, funding of government overthrows, killings and bankrupting countries.

Josef Ackermann, CEO of Deutsche Bank and member of the Bilderberg steering committee, is named as one of the important figures with plans to censor the internet and shut down one of the last places where free speech interferes with their plans for complete control.

Find the full interview below:

Q: Can you tell us something about your involvement in the Swiss banking business?

A: I have worked for Swiss banks for many years. I was designated as one of the top directors of one of the biggest Swiss banks. During my work I was involved in the payment, in the direct payment in cash to a person who killed the president of a foreign country. I was in the meeting where it was decided to give this cash money to the killer. This gave me dramatic headaches and troubled my conscience. It was not the only case that was really bad but it was the worst.

It was a payment instruction on order of a foreign secret service written by hand giving the order to pay a certain amount to a person who killed the top leader of a foreign country. And it was not the only case. We received several such hand written letters coming from foreign secret services giving the order to payout cash from secret accounts to fund revolutions or for the killing of people. I can confirm what John Perkins has written in his book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”. There really exists just a system and Swiss banks are involved in such cases.

Q: Perkins book is also translated and available in Russian. Can you tell us which bank it is and who was responsible?

A: It was one of the top three Swiss banks at that time and it was the president of a country in the third world. But I don’t want to give out to many details because they will find me very easily if I say the name of the president and the name of the bank. I will risk my life.

Q: You can’t name any person in the bank either?

A: No I can’t, but I can assure you this happened. We were several persons in the meeting room. The person in charge of the physical payment of the cash came to us and asked us if he is allowed to payout such a big amount in cash to that person and one of the directors explained the case and all others said ok you can do it.

Q: Did this happened often? Was this kind of a slush fund?

A: Yes. This was a special fund managed in a special place in the bank were all the coded letters came in from abroad. The most important letters were hand written. We had to decipher them and in them was the order to pay a certain amount of cash from accounts for the assassination of people, funding revolutions, funding strikes, funding all sorts of parties. I know that certain people who are Bilderbergers were involved in such orders. I mean they gave the orders to kill.

Q: Can you tell us in what year or decade this happened?

A: I prefer not to give you the precise year but it was in the 80’s.

Q: Did you have a problem with this work?

A: Yes, a very big problem. I could not sleep for many days and after a while I left the bank. If I give you too many details they will trace me. Several secret services from abroad, mostly English speaking, gave orders to fund illegal acts, even the killing of people thru Swiss banks. We had to pay on the instructions of foreign powers for the killing of persons who did not follow the orders of Bilderberg or the IMF or the World Bank for example.

Q: This is a very startling revelation that you are making. Why do you feel the urge to say this now?

A: Because Bilderberg is meeting in Switzerland. Because the world situation is getting worse and worse. And because the biggest banks in Switzerland are involved in unethical activities. Most of these operations are outside the balance sheet. It is a multiple of what is officially declared. Its not audited and happening without any taxes. The figures involved have a lot of zeros. Its huge amounts.

Q: So its billions?

A: Its much more, its trillions, completely unaudited, illegal and besides the tax system. Basically it’s a robbery of everybody. I mean most normal people are paying taxes and abiding by the laws. What is happening here is complete against our Swiss values, like neutrality, honesty and good faith. In the meetings I was involved in, the discussions where completely against our democratic principles. You see, most of the directors of Swiss banks are not locals anymore, they are foreigners, mostly Anglo-Saxon, either American or British, they don’t respect our neutrality, they don’t respect our values, they are against our direct democracy, they just use the Swiss banks for their illegal means.

They use huge amounts of money created out of nothing and they destroy our society and destroy the people world wide just for greed. They seek power and destroy whole countries, like Greece, Spain, Portugal or Ireland and Switzerland will be one of the last in line. And they use China as working slaves. And a person like Josef Ackermann, who is a Swiss citizen, is the top man at a German bank and he uses his power for greed and does not respect the common people. He has quite a few legal cases in Germany and also now in the States. He is a Bilderberger and does not care about Switzerland or any other country.

Josef Ackermann, CEO of Deutsche Bank

Q: Are you saying, some of these people that you mention will be at the up-coming Bilderberg meeting in June in St. Moritz?

A: Yes.

Q: So they are currently in a position of power?

A: Yes. They have huge amounts of money available and use it to destroy whole countries. They destroy our industry and build it up in China. On the other hand they opened up the gates in Europe for all Chinese products. The working population of Europe is earning less and less. The real aim is to destroy Europe.

Q: Do you think that the Bilderberg meeting in St. Moritz has symbolic value? Because in 2009 they where in Greece, 2010 in Spain and look what happened to them. Does this mean Switzerland can expect something bad?

A: Yes. Switzerland is one of the most important countries for them, because there is so much capital here. They are meeting there because apart from other things they want to destroy all values that Switzerland stands for. You see it’s an obstacle for them, not being in the EU or Euro, not totally controlled by Brussels and so on. Regarding values I am not talking about the big Swiss banks, because they are not Swiss anymore, most of them are lead by Americans. I am talking about the real Swiss spirit that the common people cherish and hold up.

Sure it has symbolic value, as you said, regarding Greece and Spain. Their aim is to be a kind of exclusive elite club that has all the power and everybody else is impoverished and down.

Q: Do you think that the aim of Bilderberg is to create a kind of global dictatorship, controlled by the big global corporations, were there are no sovereign states anymore?

A: Yes and Switzerland is the only place left with direct democracy and its in their way. They use the blackmail of “too big to fail” as in the case of UBS to put our country in big debt, just like they did with many other countries. In the end maybe they want to do with Switzerland what they did with Iceland, with all the banks and the country bankrupt.

Q: And also bring it in to the EU?

A: Of course. The EU is under the iron grip of Bilderberg.

Q: What do you think could stop this plan?

A: Well that’s the reason I speak to you. Its truth. Truth is the only way. Put a light on this situation, expose them. They don’t like to be in the spotlight. We have to create transparency in the banking industry and in all levels of society.

Q: What you are saying is, there is a correct side to the Swiss banking business and there are a few big banks that are misusing the financial system for their illegal activities.

A: Yes. The big banks are training their staff with Anglo-Saxon values. They are training them to be greedy and ruthless. And greed is destroying Switzerland and everybody else. As a country we have a majority of the most correct operating banks in the world, if you look at the small and midsize banks. Its just the big ones who operate globally that are a problem. They are not Swiss anymore and don’t consider themselves as such.

Q: Do you think it is a good thing that people are exposing Bilderberg and showing who they really are?

A: I think the Strauss-Kahn case is a good chance for us, because it shows these people are corrupt, sick in their minds, so sick they are full of vices and those vices are kept under wraps on their orders. Some of them like Strauss-Kahn rape women, others are sado maso, or pedophile and many are into Satanism. When you go in some banks you see these Satanist symbols, like in the Rothschild Bank in Zurich. These people are controlled by black-mail because of the weaknesses they have. They have to follow orders or they will be exposed, they will be destroyed or even killed. The reputation of Strauss-Kahn is not only killed in the mass media, he could be killed also literally.

Q: Since Ackermann is in the steering committee of Bilderberg, do you think he is a big decision maker there?

A: Yes. But there are many others, like Lagarde, wo will probably be the next IMF head, also a member of Bilderberg, then Sarkozy and Obama. They have a new plan to censor the internet, because the internet is still free. They want to control it and use terrorism or what ever as a reason. They could even plan something horrible so that they have an excuse.

Internet censorship is coming

Q: So that is your fear?

A: Its not only a fear, I am certain of it. As I said, they gave orders to kill, so they are capable of terrible things. If they have the feeling they are losing control, like the uprising now in Greece and Spain and maybe Italy will be next, then they can do another Gladio. I was close to the Gladio network. As you know they instigated terrorism paid by American money to control the political system in Italy and other European countries. Regarding the murder of Aldo Moro, the payment was done thru the same system as I told you about.

Q: Was Ackermann part of this payment system at a Swiss bank?

A: (S m i l e) … you are the journalist. Look at his career and how fast he made it to the top.

Q: What do you think can be done to hinder them?

A: Well there are many good books out there that explain the background and connect the dots, like the one I mentioned by Perkins. These people really have hit men that get paid to kill. Some of them get their money thru Swiss banks. But not only, they have a system set up all over the world. And to expose to the public these people that are prepared to do anything to keep control. And I mean anything.

Q: Thru exposure we could stop them?

A: Yes, telling the truth. We are confronted with really ruthless criminals, also big war criminals. Its worse then genocide. They are ready and able to kill millions of people just to stay in power and in control.

Q: Can you explain from your view, why the mass media in the west is more or less completely silent regarding Bilderberg?

A: Because there is an agreement between them and the owners of the media. You don’t talk about it. They buy them. Also some of the top media figures are invited to the meetings but are told not to report anything they see and hear.

Q: In the structure of Bilderberg, is there an inner circle that knows the plans and then there is the majority who just follow orders?

A: Yes. You have the inner circle who are into Satanism and then there are the naive or less informed people. Some people even think they are doing something good, the outer circle.

Q: According to exposed documents and own statements, Bilderberg decided back in 1955 to create the EU and the Euro, so they made important and far reaching decisions.

A: Yes and you know that Bilderberg was founded by Prince Bernard, a former member of the SS and Nazi party and he also worked for IG Farben, who’s subsidiary produced Cyclone B. The other guy was the head of Occidental Petroleum who had close relations to the communists in the Sowjetunion. They worked both sides but really these people are fascists who want to control everything and everybody and who gets in their way is removed.

Q: Is the payment system you explained outside of normal operations, compartmentalized and in secret?

A: In those Swiss banks the normal employees don’t know this is happening. Its like an own secret department in the bank. As I said these operations are outside of the balance sheet, with no supervision. Some are situated in the same building, others are outside. They have their own security and special area where only authorized people can enter.

Q: How do they keep these transactions out of the international Swift system?

A: Well some of the Clearstream listings where true in the beginning. They just included fake names to make people believe the whole list is fake. You see they also make mistakes. The first list was true and you can trace a lot of things. You see, there are people around that discover irregularities and the truth and they tell it. Afterwards of course there are law suits and these people are forced to shut up.

The best way to stop them is to tell the truth, put the spot light on them. If we don’t stop them we will end up as their slaves.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Obama Administration Spends $17.4 Million to Explore Market for Carbon Credits, so that HE can profit!

Obama Administration Spends $17.4 Million to Explore Market for Carbon Credits so that HE and his masters can profit while energy prices are forced higher! |

Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that it has awarded $17.4 million for pilot projects that will begin exploring how to establish a market for greenhouse gas (GHG) credits, a key component of a cap and trade system, to help reduce carbon and other emissions that apparently contribute to 'global warming'.

Read Complete article!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

‪TSA Agent Arrested over 15 year old Sex Slave in Orange County‬‏!

This is the kind of person hired by the TSA to grope you and your children under the guise of 'security and protection'!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Israeli billionaires caught trading with Iran lifts lid on Mossad's cooperation with 'the enemy' -- Puppet Masters --

Israeli billionaires caught trading with Iran lifts lid on Mossad's cooperation with 'the enemy' -- Puppet Masters -- ""

Israel's Ofer brothers face a backlash at home and abroad over their business dealings

Ofer Brothers Group, one of Israel's most powerful corporations, is no stranger to scandal, but until now has largely emerged unscathed. But since allegations emerged that it traded with Iran it has been facing an unprecedented domestic backlash that could profoundly shake the Israeli establishment.

Israel's hawkish government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, is the most vocal of Iran's critics, labelling its nuclear ambitions an existential threat to the Jewish state and calling repeatedly for tougher economic sanctions by the international community. But what it demands of others, it apparently fails to do itself, Israeli commentators say.

"Netanyahu, who endlessly preaches the need for firm action against Iran to prevent it from acquiring nuclear arms, is not lifting a finger to stop Israeli companies and individuals indirectly trading with Iran," wrote Yossi Melman in the left-leaning newspaper Haaretz.

Ofer Bros was one of seven companies singled out by the United States for punishment last week after it sold a tanker to an Iranian front company in contravention of US sanctions. Days later, Israeli media revealed that it enjoyed even more extensive trading links with the Islamic Republic than previously understood.

The revelations embroil the Israeli government in an embarrassing and murky affair that has transfixed the domestic media and spawned vivid speculation about the nature of relations between Ofer Bros and Israel's shadowy security services.

Read more: ""

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The Biggest Hustle in Human History - Atlas Shrugs

The Biggest Hustle in Human History - Atlas Shrugs

The media chased down every Bush doc, and when they couldn't find dirt, they advanced fake docs. That was only the preview. Their masterstroke was creating and advancing a fake president.

This is beyond media corruption; it is criminal.

Big media has a garbage detail to sift through Sarah Palin's garbage. Why has there been no investigative journalism on this impostor?

The Blogging Professor has the whole dirty, hot mess here:

Chicago Law School faculty hated Obama "because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings, and it was clear that the position was nothing more than a political stepping stool"

The smartest genius President evah is nothing more than a cardboard cutout. A fraud. Doesn't exist. We don't even know how he did in school because to this day his transcripts are sealed. Turns out now that when he was an instructor at Chicago, his colleagues who were actual Professors didn't like him and didn't want him. Obama's position was obtained through political channels.

Read more at...

Three arrested, accused of illegally feeding homeless

Three arrested, accused of illegally feeding homeless

City ordinance requires groups to obtain a permit and limits each group to two permits per year for each park within a 2-mile radius of City Hall... 2 PERMITS PER YEAR???? I GUESS THE HOMELESS ARE JUST SUPPOSED TO GO HUNGRY THE REST OF THE YEAR.

Judge Napolitano: The Abraham Lincoln Myth - Was Lincoln America's First...

Freedom Watch. Judge Napolitano and guests talk about the Lincoln Myth. Ron Paul and other libertarians have been demonized for telling the truth about the Lincoln administration.

Facts about Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, they never teach in school.

Emancipation Proclamation Freed Slaves only in those states that were fighting against union and permitted slavery elsewhere.

Lincoln said (Paraphrase) If keeping slavery legal would keep the union together he would have kept slavery legal.

Lincoln used words like Forced invasion and bloodshed to describe what would happen to any state that refused to collect the federal tariff tax.

Many who spoke against the Lincoln administration ended up in prison.

Lincoln had over 300 opposition newspapers shut down... Free speech?

Lincoln levied war against the states.... Treason?

Lincoln invaded the South without the consent of Congress.

Thomas J. DiLorenzo has an article over at Lew Rockwell's site about the Lincoln Myth that's worth checking out.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families

(Part one of a four-part series)

The Four Horsemen of Banking (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo) own the Four Horsemen of Oil (Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP and Chevron Texaco); in tandem with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays and other European old money behemoths. But their monopoly over the global economy does not end at the edge of the oil patch.

According to company 10K filings to the SEC, the Four Horsemen of Banking are among the top ten stock holders of virtually every Fortune 500 corporation.[1]

So who then are the stockholders in these money center banks?

This information is guarded much more closely. My queries to bank regulatory agencies regarding stock ownership in the top 25 US bank holding companies were given Freedom of Information Act status, before being denied on “national security” grounds. This is rather ironic, since many of the bank’s stockholders reside in Europe.

One important repository for the wealth of the global oligarchy that owns these bank holding companies is US Trust Corporation - founded in 1853 and now owned by Bank of America. A recent US Trust Corporate Director and Honorary Trustee was Walter Rothschild. Other directors included Daniel Davison of JP Morgan Chase, Richard Tucker of Exxon Mobil, Daniel Roberts of Citigroup and Marshall Schwartz of Morgan Stanley. [2]

J. W. McCallister, an oil industry insider with House of Saud connections, wrote in The Grim Reaper that information he acquired from Saudi bankers cited 80% ownership of the New York Federal Reserve Bank- by far the most powerful Fed branch- by just eight families, four of which reside in the US. They are the Goldman Sachs, Rockefellers, Lehmans and Kuhn Loebs of New York; the Rothschilds of Paris and London; the Warburgs of Hamburg; the Lazards of Paris; and the Israel Moses Seifs of Rome.

CPA Thomas D. Schauf corroborates McCallister’s claims, adding that ten banks control all twelve Federal Reserve Bank branches. He names N.M. Rothschild of London, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers of New York, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, Goldman Sachs of New York and JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York. Schauf lists William Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff and James Stillman as individuals who own large shares of the Fed. [3] The Schiffs are insiders at Kuhn Loeb. The Stillmans are Citigroup insiders, who married into the Rockefeller clan at the turn of the century.

Eustace Mullins came to the same conclusions in his book The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, in which he displays charts connecting the Fed and its member banks to the families of Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller and the others. [4]

The control that these banking families exert over the global economy cannot be overstated and is quite intentionally shrouded in secrecy. Their corporate media arm is quick to discredit any information exposing this private central banking cartel as “conspiracy theory”. Yet the facts remain.

Read complete article at:

Just Released! ANONYMOUS declares war on the system! JOIN THE RESISTANCE!

It's time to stand up. Anonymous is the idea that we are all one sharing the same idea of freedom and in that idea we are many. WE ARE LEGION! It's time to take the power back! Spread the word, spread this message. Comment, Like, SHARE! Lets help ANONYMOUS HELP US!