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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beautiful footage!... Ascent - Commemorating Shuttle

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Disabled Protestor Jody McIntyre in Shameful BBC Interview

20yr old disabled protester Jody McIntyre was disgracefully dragged from his wheelchair by four MET police officers during student protests against the two tier education system being introduced to the UK.

BBC anchorman Ben Brown begins by badgering the shocked victim who suffers from Cerebal Palsy, for not reporting the incident immediately, but who was he going to call, the police or the Ghost Busters?? Next the BBC man suggests that Mr McIntyre menaced the officers by "wheeling towards them", only to be told by Jody that he has no physical control of his chair. Jody was then asked if he threw any missiles at police, or shouted any abuse that would have provoked the police reaction. What dreadfully soul destroying words did these officers hear??

This is a shameful use of BBC interview intimidation techniques (IIT) against a victim of disgusting police brutality. Shame on the MET police and shame on the BBC.

Contact the BBC here

Saturday, December 11, 2010

EXCELLENT! Galloway shatters Israeli propaganda

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Difference Between Natural Volcano and Haarp Induced Volcano?

Static Electricity is quite normal in Volcanoes Eruptions, But according to these Scientist who studied Mt. Redoubt Eruption January 2009, Stated what they where seeing in these eruptions after 1992 including Mt Redoubt, was what they called: "A New Kind of Lightning"!

"We saw lots of lightning - 20 to 30 minutes of lighting," said Thomas. "We saw even more lightning than we would typically see during a major thunderstorm." Not only was the amount of lightning unusual, but so was the kind of lightning coming from the volcano. "At the moment the eruption started, there were these sparks of lightning coming from the vent of Redoubt that only lasted 1 to 2 milliseconds," said McNutt, " This was a different kind of lighting that we have never seen before."

It's the Bankers or Us - PLEASE LISTEN

Alex Jones explains how the austerity hammer is falling now on Europe, and will soon fall on the U.S. Fresh bailouts and buyouts by foreign banks are being forced on Ireland and other European nations, while officials in the United States are dropping news on Americans that pensions, insurance for veteran military personnel and more are being taken away.

The IMF and World Bank have essentially completed their phase I mission of absorbing and dominating 3rd World nations, and are now coming for so-called 1st World Nations-- the United States, Canada, UK, Europe and more.

IMF and EU put Ireland on tight leash

'Irish paying for debt created by bankers'

Central bank takes center stage in EU debt crisis

Irish Republic banks 'for sale'

Terms of Enslavement; Irish Citizens Say "Default"; Agreement Violates EU and Irish Laws; 50 Ways to Leave the Euro

Ireland to Cut Spending by 20%, Raise Taxes as Rescue Talks Climax

Spain Depends on Budget Cuts to Stem Contagion by Luring Local Bond Buyers

EU rescue costs start to threaten Germany itself

Europe Tries to Contain Debt Crisis

White House Says Europe Crisis May Harm U.S. Economic Recovery

Report of US supporting more IMF aid props up euro

Gates Seeking to Contain Military Health Costs

Military Update: Obama drops veterans' insurance proposal; more showdowns loom

Obama Administration Proposes Pay Freeze to Federal Employees

Union Drops Health Coverage for Workers' Children

The Madness of a Lost Society

IMF Expects to Double Its Lending Capacity

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Max Keiser w/Greg Hunter On Global Financial Scandals, Foreclosure Fraud, Promissory Notes, and MERS

Max Kaiser's guest for this edition of Press TV's On the Edge with Max Kaiser is Greg Hunter of Greg is a former investigative correspondent for CNN and ABC news. In 2008, in a special Greg made for CNN, he foresaw what is now being called 'Foreclosure Gate'. The mortgage foreclosure crisis is back in the news this week as Bank of America mortgage morass deepens after employee says trustee did not get the notes. Greg is going to tell us what is going on with mortgage foreclosure crisis in this Bank of America situation. Enjoy the show.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: