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Sunday, February 8, 2009


By NWV News writer Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
February 8, 2009

Early this year, selected delegates representing the People of each of the fifty states will convene in Philadelphia to debate our constitutional crisis and establish practicable strategies the People can take, en masse, to peacefully reclaim Liberty and restore Constitutional Order.

These historical proceedings will be known as the “Continental Congress 2009.”

Taking a page from the history of America’s Founders, the Delegates will convene in Philadelphia across from Independence Hall for a period of several weeks to begin the virtuous tasks of organizing to resist tyranny and imposing, once again, the yoke of Law upon our servant federal government.

A series of promotional meetings is currently being held across the country to advance public interest in the initiative and to expose potential donors to this most important cause in the defense of Liberty and the Constitution.

"What must a free people do, and what is the appropriate next step, if Mr. Obama refuses to respond to our Open Letter and the Supreme Court refuses to hear the Petitions by attorneys Donofrio, Berg and Taitz challenging Obama’s citizenship status?” asks Bob Schulz, executive director of We the People Foundation, the organizer of the Continental Congress 2009.

"A violation of the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution by Mr. Obama is so egregious and blatant in its nature that it marks the overt and wholesale abandonment of the Constitution by the Government, making this our “capstone grievance,” he told during an exclusive interview.

According to the group, the US faces a grave constitutional crisis including:

Endless armed Middle East conflicts without congressional Declarations of war

Economic catastrophe resulting from a privately-owned central bank and a debt-based fiat dollar

Deprivations of privacy and an emerging police state via the “USA Patriot Act”

Unconstitutionally imposed direct taxes on American labor

A president-elect who refuses to produce evidence establishing his status as a “natural born” Citizen as required by the Constitution.

Deprivations of the Rights to a People’s Militia and to Keep and Bear Arms

Plus much more: the NAU, the Fed/Treasury bailouts, uncontrolled borders & immigration, electronic voting, etc.

And the most grievous injury: A servant government that refuses, at every turn, to be held accountable – in any way - by failing to respond to the People’s repeated First Amendment Petitions for Redress of Grievances.

Early this year, selected delegates representing each of the fifty states will convene in Philadelphia to debate constitutional crisis and establish strategies the People can take to peacefully reclaim Liberty and restore Constitutional order.

During his interview with, Schulz said, “In light of the money clauses of the constitution the Federal Reserve System is unconstitutional.”

“We, the people have not authorized the government to give or lend public money or credit to private corporations for definitively private purposes. The Treasury and Fed bailouts are unconstitutional,” said Schulz.

“We, the people have not authorized the government to create a North American union that would, for all intents and purposes, erase our northern and southern borders. The development of a North American Union is unconstitutional,” he added.

According to Schulz, the purpose of the Congress is to assemble representatives of the People of every state to discuss and debate not only the litany of violations the Constitution now being endured by the People, but to develop and commit to a practicable course of action to set straight errant public servants, restore the Rule of Law and reclaim the Blessings of Liberty once more for our Republic and American children.

Here are the highlights as provided by the group:

1. Three delegates from each state will assemble to discuss our constitutional problems and to agree on a course of action to cure the problem.
2. We are asking the people in each State to nominate and then choose up to three individuals to represent the People from their state at the National We The People Congress.
3. The Delegates will assemble for up to one month, or until they agree on a course of action, whichever occurs first.
4. The nominees must have a proven passion for the Constitution as authors, scholars, or activists. They should be of established respectable character if not “pillars of the community.”
5. The nominees must be without felony convictions and preferably be clear of problems with the IRS (we cannot afford to make it easy for people to paint the delegates with any kind of brush, such as “tax-protestors”).
6. The nominees should be able to cover their expenses associated with the undertaking, either on their own account or with the assistance of the people from their state.
7. Most importantly, the Delegates must understand that the Delegation’s primary objective will be settling on a course of action to cure the problems we have with our rogue Government. That course of action may well be a written demand of the Government that they respond to each of the several Petitions for Redress of violations of the Constitution, or they (the Delegates), along with hundreds of thousands if not millions of their fellow countrymen back home (who by then will have committed to stand in support of the agreed upon course of action), will withdraw their allegiance and support from the federal Government until their Grievances are Redressed.
8. We expect the Delegates will assemble in Philadelphia at the Constitution Center across from Independence Hall.
9. Stenographers will prepare a digital transcript of the entire event for purposes of the historic record, recording all that is said.
10. The Delegates from each state will be responsible for populating their State-level Congress web page with daily communications and updates from the National We The People Congress proceedings so the People from their State can be kept abreast as events unfold. Online discussion boards will be also available to facilitate communications for each state.
11. The entire event will be webcast live from Philadelphia.
12. Space will be provided in the meeting hall for members of the press, government and public, who will be able to observe the discussions, deliberations and debates, but not participate in or film them.

“When a long train of abuses, usurpations and refusals to respond to Petitions for Redress of violations of the Constitution evinces a conspiracy to transition our Constitutional Republic to a pure democracy, or to otherwise strip us of our Liberties and reduce us to serfdom under absolute despotism, it is the right of the People to alter the Government, pro-actively, non-violently and with critical mass,” said Schulz.

The straw that appears to have broken the camel’s back for the We the People Foundation is the unresolved issue of Mr. Obama’s eligibility to be President of the United States.

According to Schulz, Barack Obama has steadfastly refused to respond to any of the Petitions requesting he provide documentary evidence about his place of birth or other information needed to conclusively establish his citizenship status.

“He has ignored our Petition for Redress of the Grievance, published in the Chicago Tribune as an Open Letter. He has hired law firms to fight the lawsuits seeking evidence of his eligibility, rather than simply provide the evidence, strongly suggesting he has no such evidence and as such, is ineligible to hold the Office of President,” said Bob Schulz.

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