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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Arms Dealer, Terrorist Used to “Sell” Iran Nuke Fairytale For Israel

A shadowy figure, calling himself “Beecham” has contacted intelligence agencies in the west, claiming proof of Iran’s payment into a Swiss bank of 8.5 tons of gold. His claim, that this is payment for 3 missing American thermonuclear weapons is an old story, a fairly tale from the past, re-concocted to support an attack on Iran. “Beecham” is not who he says he is.

We know his real name, a terrorist and arms dealer allowed to roam free because of his powerful friends. Today he is claiming he sold nukes to Iran. In 2003 he said he sold nukes to Saddam, another carefully scripted lie.

He really works for himself but his business partners are Tel Aviv and Saudi Arabia. This is why he is free despite enough evidence to jail him for many lifetimes.

Today, he is buying his way back into “good graces” by fueling the Iranian nuclear controversy, seeding blatant falsehood and wild conjecture to the security agencies. Soon, these lies will end up in the media, pushing a sick agenda, much as Wikileaks had done last year, in a last ditch attempt to draw America into a disastrous war with Iran before drawdowns in Afghanistan and disengagement from Iraq and the conflict in Libya make the likelihood of more American involvement in the region impossible.

After all, Iran was the target in the first place, planned well before 9/11 and, quite likely, the real intended target of the false flag 9/11 attacks. Sources confirming these hypotheses are multiplying like rabbits.

New Iranian Nuke “Fairytale” Uncovered: Arms Dealer, Terrorist Used to “Sell” Iran Nuke Fairytale

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