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Friday, July 1, 2011

Dutch West India Company; GWIC (Geoctroyeerde Westindische Compagnie)

Starting with the 1600s, the Dutch had an unbelievable impact on world trade. With the help of an organised financial system, they controlled the whole spice trade and manipulated the prices as they wished.

This corporation, at which the royal family was also a shareholder, was authorised to trade in the Caribbean, Brasil and North America. Colonies such as New Amsterdam (which became New York when left to the British) were all formed by this company. Throughout its existence, this corporation was involved in immense (and ruthless) slave trading and pirating, making big fortunes.

‎"The Royal Dutch Family who was a partner of this corporation is said to have around 8 billion dollars of wealth today."... I would say that is a conservative figure... and is much more. Queen Beatrix and the Dutch Royal Family play a major role in Bilderberg Group control over global trade. In fact, I would say that the modern push for a centralized global empire is an extension of the Dutch and British East/West India Trading Company.

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