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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is It Time To Cross Partisan Lines and Unite To Fight A Common Enemy?

By William Cormier (about the author

Today, on my site I received a comment that jolted my awareness and gave me great pause for thought and contemplation; I believe I have always had the gift of knowing when an individual is sincere - and Obama was by far from my first choice, and most of you know that I favored Kucinich and after him, Ron Paul, who had never in his life voted against our constitution. One phrase entered my mind, “Together we Stand, Divided we fall,” and that is what is occurring in our nation. We are being divided and fighting amongst one another, and while we're busy shouting accusations at the so-called opposition, our economy is being plundered and our nation is being conquered by the combined forces of Democrats and Republicans who are working together for corporate America - not “We the People.”

This is the comment I received, and I ask all of you to give it some thought. “Endgame”and the FEMA Internment Camps are real - we all know that. In the last Presidential election, we saw huge amounts of Republicans crossing the isle, disgusted with the Bush years and never-ending war who voted for Obama, and they are now as disgusted with him as we are. Like it or not, President Obama has shown his true colors and is nothing more than another lying politician who lied to the entire nation, not just to Liberals and Progressives. Please read this and give it some thought:

“Mr. Cormier,

I respect your diligent efforts to examine the important issues that you write. You do so in a manner that does investigative journalism great merit.

However, I wish to express that I am nonplussed as to how or why it is that you continue to participate in the binary debate between Left/Right, Liberal/Conservative, and Democrat/Republican. As a former, life-long and devout Democrat–who finally took the red pill, or is it the blue pill, and woke up–I am dismayed to realize that even you do not see that the powers that are working behind the scenes are using the two parties to not only foment the legislative and administrative changes they seek, but also to divide and conquer the people. Are you so blind to the obvious structure of their campaign?

While you and the other side bicker back and forth, point fingers and place blame, they–and, yes, there is a “they”–run right down the middle, tightly clutching our money, goods, services, and, most shockingly, our rights as well. I never ever imagined in my younger days that I would say this, but here goes: Clinton was no better than Bush Sr, who was no better than Obama, who is proving now that he is no better than Bush Jr. They are all puppets in the game that we are in the 11th hour of losing.

We are wasting our time and energy focusing on the “other” party and thus buying time and power for those who would have us ALL at their behest and under their fascist control. God help us, but–I've got to give them credit–”they” are good, very good. Sadly, I think they have already conquered us, and by the time the masses wake up to this–and bloggers like yourself start bringing this awareness to the fore–it will be too late to stop the freight train that is now bearing down on us.

I do thank you for your work, effort, and patriotic devotion, but I would ask that you stop pointing your journalistic rifle at the Reds across the skirmish field, and, instead, strike accord with them–where it is readily available–and turn to face the real enemy who creeps by us well-cloaked in the darkness of our ignorance, fear, and preoccupation.”

We, as a nation, face a grave danger. Foreign interests are purchasing our mortgages, buying up large swaths of what is left of our industry, and the United States is so indebted to foreign nations that if we face reality - the United States of America is bankrupt! I believe that we are being sold out by both parties, not just Republicans, and I am not endorsing Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh; in fact, nothing could be further from the truth! The purveyors of hate are in league with the same forces that are taking over our beloved country, and it is they and even our own Congress who are guilty of treason by consorting with enemies of the United States, working to stir up hate and animosity between our own compatriots who also desire nothing more than returning to our constitutional values and living in freedom and peace. Think about that"

Consider the sworn testimony of Sibel Edmonds and Deep Corruption Beneath the Surface. I was outraged that CNN, NBC, CBS, and even our greatest purveyor of hate,Fox News, didn't bother to report upon high treason by members of our Congress. In doing so, I may have overlooked the greater evil; what has Congress itself done to those that consort among their own ranks and have committed treason against the United States of America? Nothing. We are greeted with silence even though the Congress of this great nation casually overlook treason by some of their own"

We have read about the Bilderburgs and What they may be planning Now and are fully aware that it's not just another conspiracy theory. Furthermore, we should all remember the statement made by Henry Kissinger to CNBC and other News sources::
Concerning the New World Order, Power Elite agent Henry Kissinger in a recent CNBC interview said President Obama's “task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It's a great opportunity: it isn't just a crisis.” Kissinger also wrote “The chance for a new world order” (International Herald Tribune, January 12, 2009) in which he explained: “The economic world has been globalized". In the end, the political and economic systems can be harmonized in only one of two ways: by creating an international political regulatory system with the same reach as that of the economic world; or by shrinking the economic units to a size manageable by existing political structures, which is likely to lead to a new mercantilism, perhaps of regional units". The extraordinary impact of the President-Elect on the imagination of humanity is an important element in shaping a new world order". The role of China in a new world order is equally crucial". The current crisis can be overcome only by developing a sense of common purpose". An international order can be permanent only if its participants have a share not only in building but also in securing it.” MORE
Are we playing into the Elite's hands by bickering among ourselves instead of coming together to fight against a common enemy? I believe that it is worth your time and contemplation to give this concept a great deal of thought - and those who stand on the other side may share a common interest rather than being our enemies. I am not speaking of Neo-conservatives that embrace what most of us believe to be an abomination, but every day Republicans that also embrace our constitution and the American way of life. If we don't solidify our ranks and use every asset at our disposal, how are we alone to win this battle? I believe it's time to unite America against a common enemy, not fight amongst ourselves and allow our nation to be parceled off to the highest bidder. The United States belongs to the people, all of us, not the wealthy politicians and Wall Street criminals who are selling us out for their own financial gain. Perhaps I'm wrong, but as it stands today, we're losing, and badly, so maybe it's time to close ranks and fight together, shoulder to shoulder, against the enemies of democracy.

William Cormier

I am nothing more than a patriotic American that is doing whatever I can to further the cause of democracy, the rule of law, and am absolutely outraged on how the Bush administration is defying our Congress, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights! Footnote: I write in a style that I believe is appropriate in today's world where we can't trust the Mainstream News Media, and rather than concentrating on one article alone, which may or may not receive the exposure and emphasis it should, I prefer to meld several relevant stories together, that each taken alone may not expose the entire situation, but when taken-in as a whole, tend to give the reader a better understanding of the subject. One article or story alone does not represent the "Big Picture" - but when several are effectively tied-together it often reveals a trend or broader view of the subject matter that is important to completely understand any given situation.


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