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Monday, January 26, 2009

"Pocket Obama" Compared To Mao's Little Red Book By Irate Amazon Customers

"It is an unofficial requirement for every citizen to own, to read, and to carry this book at all times."

Monday, Jan 26th, 2009

A pocket sized book of Barack Obama quotations currently for sale on is causing a stir with customers who have slated the product, comparing it to Communist dictator Mao Tse-Tung's "little red book".

The "Pocket Obama", produced by the History Company, is a small blue book filled with "quotations borrowed from Barack Obama's speeches and writings."

In a (presumably) tongue in cheek comment that has clearly and monumentally backfired, the sales review states, "It is an unofficial requirement for every citizen to own, to read, and to carry this book at all times."

Printed in a size that easily fits into pocket or purse, this book is an anthology of quotations borrowed from Barack Obama's speeches and writings. POCKET OBAMA serves as a reminder of the amazing power of oratory and the remarkable ability of this man to move people with his words.

His superb and captivating oratory style has earned comparisons to John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and this collection presents words that catapulted his remarkable rise to the American Presidency. Includes themes of democracy, politics, war, terrorism, race, community, jurisprudence, faith, personal responsibility, national identity, and above all, his hoped-for vision of a new America. This book is truly a primer for readers who want to examine the substance of his thought and reflect on the next great chapter in the American story. It is an unofficial requirement for every citizen to own, to read, and to carry this book at all times.

At first glance this may appear to be a hoax, however, the History Company does indeed exist, and has been selling historical items like White House furnishings, models, and books for over ten years.

Irate Amazon customers have been quick to point out the comparison between the "Pocket Obama" and Mao's little red book of quotations, one of the most widely printed books in history, due to the fact that it was indeed an unofficial requirement for every Chinese citizen to own, to read, and to carry it at all times during the later half of Mao's rule.

During the Cultural Revolution, studying the book was not only required in schools but was also a standard practice in the workplace as well. All units, in the industrial, commercial, agricultural, civil service, and military sectors, organized group sessions for the entire workforce to study the book during working hours. Quotes from Mao were either bold-faced or highlighted in red, and almost all writing, including scientific essays, had to quote Mao.

Some customers have even uploaded images of Mao's book along side the official "Pocket Obama" images on the Amazon sales page.

The following represent a selection of "reviews" from angry Amazon customers:

  • Communist manifesto version 2.0 - Why buy this book here? I'm sure it will be provided for free in the re-education camps.

  • I'm sorry but no man - I don't care who he is - is deserving of such blind adoration. Only in Communist China, Stalin's Russia, or modern day North Korea or Cuba is "Dear Leader" held in such worshipful awe. And where Dear Leader feels he absolutely deserves such adoration like Obama apparently does.

  • This is either a joke or the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. Can sane Americans really have such worshipful adoration for any politician, especially to this level? Supporting a politician is one thing, but this is sick, sick, sick. Mao's Little Red Book, now Obama's Little Blue Book. This is actually beyond sick, its frighteningly delusional.

  • I bought this book and read some of it to my landlord. Guess what?! He said I didn't have to pay rent any more! And when I went to fill up my gas tank, the service attendant saw my book, winked, and said, "No charge!" At the DMV, standing behind 30+ others, I held up my pocket Obama and was immediately ushered to the front of the line! Wow! At just $5.95, what a great investment! It's like an all-access pass and everything is free! Thanks, Mr. Obama!

  • Staggering, how people can project their hopes into such an empty suit, and expect it to hold its shape. The pages of this book should be blank. His words are just campaign rhetoric, people. He doesn't mean any of it, he hasn't yet accomplished anything to speak of, and he hasn't yet lived up to any of his promises.

  • Our Dear Leader brilliance is masterfully condensed in this little blue book. Consider it as a portable fountain of wisdom from which every American should quench his thirst for hope and change every day (and if some refuse to do it, they should be forced).
    Long live Obama, great Father of our New Nation, our glorious President for life!

  • WTF??, - This can't be for real. Seriously people. Has to be a joke. Because if it's not, we are in deep s**t.

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