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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ron Paul Can and Will Accept the Republican Nomination


Greetings Teammates!

I know there has been a lot of frustrating and letting go through out the Ron Paul activist community since Dr. Paul's announcement of "closing the official campaign.

" But as Dr Paul said, on his video subsequently posted Campaign for Liberty—Phase II "we must not give, up, we are never giving up!"

He says in that video, "Now, does this purely regulatory change mean that our goals at the National Convention in Saint Paul, Minnesota in September have changed? Not at all! We must take back the Republican Party. We need to take back America for our ideals. Our delegates and our alternates will still attend the convention…." In the recording he goes on to say more yes. He is more pessimistic than I about the potentials there..

But I put it to Dr. Paul directly when he called me on Sunday afternoon, just as I put it to him we when last talked in March—right before I committed to this project..

I asked, "Dr.. Paul, if by some miracle we do win you the Republican nomination for the Presidency at that convention in September, will you accept it, and are you still willing to run for and accept the Presidency of the United States?"

Dr. Paul answered me without hesitation, that his answer was yes, he would accept, though he found it hard to see happening with just 46 delegates..

I told him that this project has two goals:

1) to go for that long shot, to try to win that miracle of a nomination from the delegates. The fact is our lawyers tell me, even with the end of the "official campaign" the law presents no reason that the delegates can not change their mind and select Dr. Paul if they want. They can indeed unbind themselves according to the rules, by sitting out votes en mass. It's my understanding this was done my Missouri in 2004—where they sat out one round, and thus unbound themselves..

2) to educate the delegates on the host of issues that concern us. The GOP delegates and alternates, by and large, are the very movers and shakers that dominate the party right now. They already have power, and instead of trying to vanquish them, all we do to show them the reasonableness and need for adopting our positions, can only make our challenge that much easier. The result we want is really no less than the return of recognition to our Natural, Inalienable Rights and respect for the Constitution. We want an end to theft and illegal war, an end to government sanctioned torture, a return of habeas corpus, a Congress, Judiciary, and Executive that follow the law..

Dr. Paul supports both of these goals, though he has little faith in the first one. This project is not his idea, but the fact is, there is no other project right now with more potential to make goal number one, above, a reality. It's a no-lose proposition. By the end of this project, we will have educated 4,600 elite Republicans on what's important. Some of them with open their eyes—we do not know how many, but some. And we will continue to share the same videos online with the world..

I told Dr. Paul point blank that I would continue to champion this unless he told me, Evan, please stop. To the contrary, he didn't see how it could hurt, just as long as I made it clear it wasn't his project..

What a blessing and an honor to me, to get two calls yesterday, on Father's day. One from my own father, and one from Ron Paul—two quiet and humble men I greatly respect..

We are never going to quit.. I'm in this project at least until September, when I go as a National Alternate for Ron Paul myself, and will get to witness firsthand if the miracle for which we work and strive will manifest!

Remember, there is a lot of change going on in our world. My own sense is that the economic problems in the US and world will be far worse by September. People will be demanding change more and more. By then the Republican Party will likely understand that if it goes ahead as planned and chooses McCain, then it's really just choosing Obama, because McCain is not what America wants..

We are the only ones in America who will be lobbying the delegates like this. It's never been done on this kind of scale, from the grassroots. No one will know if we will succeed until we've first tried..

We've raised over $3,000 of the $90,000 needed, and donations are starting to pick up again. I hope each of you will reach out to the meetups and other Ron Paul groups in your state to spread the word that the National DVDs for Delegates Project is real and continuing. We need just $2,000 more in donations before I will commit to hiring the editor to start production on the first DVD. It could be ready for mailing within 10 days of that. In the meantime we have many of the delegate lists we need, and are actively working to get the others..

Wednesday, I hope many of you will join us for a teleconference planning our teams for deciding the content of our next three DVDs. We are on a tight deadline now, and I really need those of you who can, to pick up a piece of responsibility and help with making this all happen..

Strengthened by whatever measure of success we find, we will continue, I hope, with DVDs for Congress, and DVDs for Judges. We will provide and education for our nation's power-brokers they have obviously missed..

Please spread the word. We need each state to contribute $20 for each National Delegate and Alternate they are sending to the GOP convention. It is a simple formula. If your state has 50 national delegates and 50 national alternates, that is 100 times $20, or $2,000. That is very little for what we give. One wealthy contributor or 20 less wealthy ones per state, and it's paid..

Please take the time and send word to your activists and supporters to send your state's share of donations today Go to www. dvds4delegates. com and click DONATE today; there are also instructions for mailing in checks, plus my resume, or Treasurer's resume, and a project budget. Start getting your state ready to accept the DVDs and send them to your own delegates, and pick volunteers to adopt the delegates and in a friendly way urge them to watch their DVDs and discuss them. We need to learn what works and what does not, so we can adjust the content for our final DVD..

Well that's enough for one email,

Thanks all, for your support..


Evan Cutler, Organizer National DVDs for Delegates Project, www. dvds4delegates. com

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