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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Charlotte Iserbyt - Why Charter Schools are Dangerous

Must Read " Heritage Foundation, NAFTA, School Choice and the Destruction of Traditional Education."

Be sure to scroll down for the links referred to in this video. There are lots of them!
6/7/2012 Roger Fredinburg interviews Charlotte Iserbyt about Charter Schools: What's the Problem? How the rightwing Republicans worked with the leftwing Democrats to lead us down the road to a "soviet" system ruled by top-down, authoritarian appointed councils easily recognized by people who live under communist governments. Showing documents dating from 1934, Charlotte traces the plan for massive social engineering through curriculum change and Pavlov/Skinnerian methods of behavior modification, generations of Americans have been dumbed-down. She explains how Ronald Reagan's Soviet Education Exchange Agreement, facilitated by the Heritage Foundation, merged the Constitutional American system with the Soviet system leading to the planned destruction of public education so it could be replaced by the private sector, publicly-funded Charter School system.

The new paperback updated abridged edition of her book is available on
The onscreen documents and her original big hardback book, "Deliberate Dumbing-down of America" are available as free pdf downloads at 
A donor contribution enables download of the ENTIRE LIBRARY of pdf documents on (over 400 documents in 2 huge zip files) 
Jed Brown's articles at
Jed Brown video on OBE Behavior Conditioning
Jed Brown video on OBE Curriculum

Watch the change agents sell the plan to state Governors at 1989 Wichita Education Conference on these videos:
Lamar Alexander, Bush Sr. Secty of Education
Frank Newman - CarnegieFoundation/Education Commission of the States
Shirley McCune, Dir Mid-Continent Regional Laboratory, Dept of Education

Watch G. Edward Griffin interview Norman Dodd, Chief Investigator of the Reece Committee looking into the Un-American Activities of the Tax-Exempt Foundations

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