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Friday, March 9, 2012


AFRICOM: The expansion of UN NATO (not U.S.) military interests on African soil (NORTHCOM: The expansion of UN NATO military interests on American soil!) 

Let's not forget that the U.S. government and military is under the control of foreign international central bankers who founded the UN/NATO global government authorities that we now serve!!! This was verified thanks to shocking testimony by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta at a Senate Armed Services Committee congressional hearing during which it was confirmed that the U.S. GOVERNMENT IS NOW (and has been for a very long time!!) COMPLETELY BEHOLDEN TO INTERNATIONAL POWER STRUCTURES and that the legislative branch is a worthless relic. 

It's all part of the plan to usurp the U.S. monetary system, industrial power/wealth, and military using it to gain global control and then lootiing and trashing what is left, and that includes our reputation!! The CIA is and always has been a PRIVATE corporation owned and operated by the central banking families, who place tin pot dictators like Kony into power and fund and arm them along with their competitors, thereby fomenting civil war... and then claim to come to the rescue with military intervention and AID extortion funds to take power over all land and natural resources, etc. 

Wake the fuck up, people, you are being had!! These central bankers have been fomenting, funding and arming war for hundreds of years and now their wet dream of global empire is almost realized while a dumbed down celebrity worshiping society falls all over themselves in complete and total ignorance of the marketing brain wash scam that is being played out... throwing money at another money laundering NGO that goes right back into the pockets of the same banksters who are funding and arming that dictator that you think you are "saving the children" from!!

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