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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ron Paul Says Watch The Vote - Iowa Caucus 2012 -- DO THIS and sign up on the right hand side of the page for Vote Monitor! To Volunteer as a Vote Monitor -- you can be an Iowan, or you can be an out of stater who can be in Iowa by 7 PM EST on Jan 3, 2012 for the Iowa Caucus. --

Go to the above link and volunteer as a Vote Monitor, and then look for your "WatchTheVote2012" County Leader assigned to your Iowa County -- at the link near the top of this page:

You will call your assigned "WatchTheVote" county leader with the results you witness at your caucus --- after the Caucus is over.

Anyone can throw your caucus results up on our above referenced Facebook page on the night of the Caucus -- just be sure you list the physical address you were at -- and the precinct number and precinct info of your local caucus gathering -- and the results for the 7 major candidates, and "other." We highly recommend everyone do this as a backup.

You can also sign up as a County Leader at our facebook page if you cannot be in Iowa that night, but have computer that you can be at, connected to the internet.

This action (of Volunteering to be a vote monitor on the ground) -- is the last piece of the puzzle to Watch the Vote For Ron Paul and everybody else in Iowa Caucus 2012!

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