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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Julia Davis: Only 24 hrs. left to vote for the documentary film...

Please vote for "The Terror Within" and share the following 
info with anyone who is interested in the plight of whistleblowers.
There are 2 options to cast your vote:

1. Sign in with a YouTube Account and/or Google account, go 
to the following link and once you're on YouTube, click "Like" 
underneath the trailer for "The Terror Within" for your vote to 

2. Anyone who doesn't have a YouTube or a Google account can 
vote on Facebook by clicking on the following link and then 
selecting the box under the trailer for "The Terror Within" that 
says "Vote":   

Thank you very much in advance - all of us at Fleur De Lis Film 
Studios sincerely appreciate your support! Thank you for being 
a Patriot and refusing to be silenced. Please share this information 
with your friends and family.

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