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Monday, May 9, 2011

NC schools to give children iPod, laptop to participate in vaccination contest

NC school district to give away iPod, laptop to children who participate in vaccination contest

The Chapel Hill - Carrboro City School (CHCCS) district in North Carolina has launched a shocking new vaccination contest that offers prize incentives to students who get vaccinated. According to the CHCCS district website, for each vaccine a student receives, he or she will also receive an entry into a drawing to win an Apple iPod or a laptop computer -- and students that get the entire recommended vaccine schedule, which includes the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine for both boys and girls, will be allowed extra entries into the contest and more chances to win than other students.

NC parents, please THINK... advocate for and protect your children's well being/lives!! The Tdap vaccine is a highly dangerous vaccine that's been implicated in causing permanent brain damage, and other serious injuries... HPV vaccine is widely known to cause neurological damage, seizures, heart problems, autoimmune diseases, vision & hearing loss, chronic fatigue,(STERILITY),paralysis, and death

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This is shocking, disgusting, and unnacceptable!!

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