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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Very wise words from Jim Corr in Ireland!! PLEASE LISTEN!!

THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE ISSUING POWER OF MONEY IS IN PRIVATE HANDS! THE PRIVATISATION OF MONETARY CONTROL WILL ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, BENEFIT THE PRIVATISERS AND NOT THE PEOPLE...WE SHOULD BE PRINTING OUR OWN DEBT FREE CURRENCY!! The VERY same words apply to the American people and our own nation!! "I warned people that based on historical fact, I believe this financial crash to be engineered. Designed so as to effect a corporate take over of not just our own country, but many countries... Our country is under predatory economic attack... an attack as potentially devastating as conventional warfare. Ireland is at the forefront of this war affecting other European countries. Once this nation capitulates, they will move on to do the same to the other European nations. What we are witnessing, I believe, is an engineered top down finanical crash cleverly designed so as to sheer the wealth from the masses, to cripple our country and others under inescapable debt to an extent that we have no choice but to sell off our national assets, state agancies, and natural resources...essentially to the SAME people and their proxies involved in this clever scam. I hope we realize just how devastating this will be if we allow it to happen. The ultimate aim is to gut our country of everything of value. See and watch Money as Debt

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