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Thursday, November 12, 2009

It is time to burn bush and cheney

I totally disagree with Bugliosi on who perpetrated 9/11, because it wasn't Bin Laden or Al CIAda (Al Qaeda is really a front, a CIA database of operatives working with/for the CIA). Bush used Bin Laden and Al CIAda as patsies in order to create a legal pretext for the invasion of Afghanistan he so badly wanted even before he was deemed the U.S. President by the Supreme Court, and not the people. If a REAL and honest prosecutor would find more evidence linking high ranking members within our government, including Cheney and the Bush family, to the crimes of 9/11 than so called Islamic radical terrorists. If that was ever to happen, it would also make them complicit in the invasion of Afghanistan on false pretenses. That being said, the over all content of this video is very important, because if we do not hold those responsible for these crimes accountable, where does it end?

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