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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Merchants of Misery: The World Bank Scam

The World Bank Scam

The World Bank helps poor countries, right?

Not quite.

As this two part video shows, World Banks loans come with "conditions."

Not only that, but they seem to be designed not to strengthen the borrowing countries, but to make it easier to extract - you guessed it - oil and other resources from these countries.

Nothing more than an international crime syndicate running a scam that is at the heart of world poverty.

The numer one client of the World Bank is KBR Halliburton

KBR stands for Kellogg Brown and Root, and the Brown in KBR is none other than the same Brown as in Brown Brothers Harriman, who along with their partner German industrialist Fritz Thyssen and their Union Banking Corporation, financed Hitler's rise to power and whose managing partner was none other than Prescott Bush, father to George HW Bush and grandfather to George W Bush.

The Browns/Harrimans also sit on the board of the Federal Reserve/International Central banks.

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