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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CRIME OF THE CENTURY: The Truth About Naked Short Selling

INTRODUCTION by Jim Puplava On March 31, 2007 I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Patrick M. Byrne, Chairman and CEO of on Financial Sense Newshour [FSN]. Dr. Byrne was interviewed by Bloomberg News' Michael Schneider on March 14, 2007, the transcript of this interview titled 'Phantom Shares,' Failed Trades and Naked Shorts (Transcript) is still available on This interview, coupled with Dr. Byrne's explosive slide presentation of the not-so-hidden corruption in our financial markets called, The Dark Side of the Looking Glass: the Corruption of Our Financial Markets, motivated me to do my own investigation. In my FSN Annual Year End Review for 2007, Part 1, I briefly touched the significance of my interview with Patrick Byrne. Since then and throughout 2008, I have personally witnessed this abhorrent and perverse action in junior mining shares. I am so appalled by this rampant abuse, that I began a series on Financial Sense Newshour's "The Big Picture" to expose this "Crime of the Century" [COTC] to our listeners. The quote "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" is often attributed to Edmund Burke. It is my fervent belief that Financial Sense visitors are identified as good men and women, who search for uncommon truth in their quest to become wise investors. In this regard, Financial Sense hopes to provide accurate information in this series so that we all can do something to stand against this evil practice of naked short selling.


July 12, 2008 Special interview:

The Greatest Crime in History

Jim Puplava's interview with Bob Burrell exposes the rampant naked short selling of the past 30 years which has led to the the destruction of the financial markets leading the meltdown of the US and world economies that you see today. This interview exposes that this has been pervasive throughout all the financial markets and the game that is being played on a global scale... Please take the time to at least to pass it on to your friends even if you have no interest, because the knowledge in this interview may have a lasting effect on their lives, and listen to it yourself. It is to say the least, a real "eye opener."

This whole debacle looks to be setting up the Bank For International Settlements as the new global central bank overseeing the whole global financial industries including insurance, mortgage, and banking.

These are the same owners of the Federal Reserve PRIVATE Bank who are running this game, and saying that the Fed is being shut down is just smoke and mirrors, and a precursor to the globalization of what was the US national economic system and the sovereignty of our nation. You better wake up America before you have nothing left! ~ The White Rose Resistance

LISTEN TO: Interview with Bud Burrell

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If you are new to the Market Reform Movement and the underlying issues of market manipulation and naked short selling, click here.
Sign the Market Reform Petition Now!: View it here.
View the astounding Bloomberg special on the naked short selling crisis here.
Hear Senator Bennett's recent speech describing the problem to the Senate, here.
How big is the delivery failure problem? Try $67+ billion as of Q1, 2007, for just NYSE member firms - and that is at today's mark to market value, not the price at which the sales were made - likely 5-10X or more higher. See the totals for yourself in the Securities Industry Association's own summary of NYSE member firm financial performance, and contrast that to the DTCC/SEC's $6 billion fairy tale. Lines 69 and 103.
Breaking news of SEC insider trading and obstruction of justice scandal, in the new "SEC/GaryAguirre Cover-Up" section.

Financial Sense Newshour - Crime of the Century Broadcast series


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Crime of the Century, Part 1: The Agency Issue: Conflicts of Interest, Fraud, Corruption & Crimes Against Investors with Eric King

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Crime of the Century, Annual Year End Review - Part 1 Real Player WinAmp Windows Media Mp3 Transcript03/31/2007

FSN Ask the Expert Interview: Patrick M. Byrne

"The Dark Side of the Looking Glass"

Real Player WinAmp Windows Media Mp3 Transcript

Financial Sense Editorial Resources


Chairman Harvey Pitt Speech to Coalition Against Phantom Training November 16, 2007, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C. pdf format, 15 pages


Naked Short Selling: The Problem and the Solution pdf format, 4 pages with extensive references

Financial Sense Search Engine on "Naked Short Selling" Various articles by contributors with reference to naked short selling

Filing a Complaint Canadian Securities Administrators [CSA] Ontario Securities Commission [OSC] U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC]

Definitions Wikipedia includes historical references Investopedia includes related terms and articles

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Internet Resources

Message Board Bashers

  • Be aware of stock manipulators (AKA Board Bashers) If you believe your stock message board has been corrupted by these individuals, please report them to your local message board. Each board has a link to report abuse. USE IT!
  • The FBI defines an Internet crime as follows:
  • Internet crime is defined as any illegal activity involving one or more components of the Internet, such as websites, chat rooms, and/or email. Internet crime involves the use of the Internet to communicate false or fraudulent representations to consumers. These crimes may include, but are not limited to, advance-fee schemes, non-delivery of goods or services, computer hacking, or employment/business opportunity schemes.
    Review the FBI's FAQ on Internet crimes and submit a complaint at Internet Crime Complaint Center

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